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Jai & Shweta
03 December 2017
When I sent an invitation request on to Shweta, I was not confident if she will accept it or not because I being a year younger to her. Luckily, I have received acceptance on 23 August'17 and being prime member immediately dropped message with contact details. When I received a call from my to be mother-in-law, I was completely amazed and impressed with the way she explained and cleared everything in a very professional way before moving forward. Even at that point I was only 1% sure because my parents don't speak English and I was unsure about compatibility of families. Then I met with her parents in a restaurant and felt so good about the minute details that we discussed during an hour meet. Things went on and we we're lucky to be given an opportunity to be able to understand each other on WhatsApp. With the 20 days of deep conversations we realized that we are totally same in nature and our telepathy started working even before we met on 21st day along with parents. After discussing for about 2 hours on a meeting day 'the 24th oct', I asked her if it's Yes or No, she confidently said 'Yes' that I liked most about our first in person conversation and then very next day engagement ceremony took place on 25 th Oct'17. I am thankful for providing such a platform where I found my soulmate who made my life so amazing and full of love.