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Vishal & Roshni
31 July 2018
Roshni & I first met on in Jan 2016 and it all started from there. A connection between two states Gujarat and Maharashtra but yeah we both are of same caste. A girl who takes time to make on a decision, took 7 months to finally say a 'Yes' after considering me as a friend throughout these months. The situation where she said this golden word 'Yes' was not less than that of a movie climax. "I went to drop her in the train to Gujarat after she had joined me for the trip (A trip where she would take the decision of saying Yes or to get disconnected completely). I was about to leave the compartment, I noticed that she wanted to say something, when I turned around she said wait meet me near the compartment door, with just 3 minutes left for train to depart she said a Yes! that moment of time my life got a new meaning and now we are together forever." Confused heroine about to leave, a sad dramatic hero with little hope of stopping her, finally gets her on the train a "train of love" - doesn't the above script fall into a movie climax?. Thanks to for getting me meet my soulmate.