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Raj & Poonam
03 August 2017
It was a casual approach at first which sending invitation to Raj Ahuja... later on we exchanged our contact number each we used to spent time watching each other profile pics and so on. So the first day conversation was like how many family members, how young is he and what he does and same type of questions were asked from Raj to me As days passed we became more comfortable talking to each other n casually listen i m Pakistani and i was like we being sindhi everyone from sindhi family have their ancestors coming from Pakistan.. so whats harm in that... so i said chill.... As months passed general formalities of matching horoscope came up n unfortunately our horoscope didnt match and same was told to Raj by me and we left our chatting .. After a while there were Eid hidays n suddenly i receive an message from Raj saying Eid mubarak n there i blushed all of sudden :) Again started with chatting n somehow during that time i convinced my mother lets forget horoscope part n lets take an piratical decision as my dad was already against horoscope matching part. Taking things more ahead on serious note there was inquiry taken considering his professional life n there came an twist for both of us n we came to know that Raj Ahuja is Pakistani literally as in he is still holding pakistani passport n from that night onwards nightmare started for me as my parents suddenly changed there views for this proposal n i was asked to look for some other guys around n many proposals are also coming to my dad. Unfortunately at this point of time myself and Raj had come very close to each other n shared a very good understanding and so both of us were very adamant to take our step back. However after few weeks it was decided that Raj had to apply for his citizenship change n then he can marry me. Finally he came from Dubai to bombay to meet me for first time at Mumbai Airport ... and at the same time he also started his process of citizenship change. Finally we meet at airport in September and our wedding date was 12 Dec 2016 and now i m finally Mrs Raj Ahuja passed 7 months now and Raj too also received his Indian citizenship last month which made my parents more happy then both of us. We still both wonder like we met through but attimes we feel like it was like live cum arrange marriage. I could actually elaborate n write more in detail about this but you guys might get bored reading complete story.. Hope u enjoy reading this. This us how when Raj mets Poonam story goes :)