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Jayshree & Boney
08 April 2013
Just like you are reading me now there was a time when I use to read Success stories of other couples wondering how can a portal fix up anyone for a life time of commitment? And here I am now? one of such out of the ordinary couples who met on this website and got married to start my ?happily ever after?. Like every girl I dreamt of a man that my heart would choose to marry. I was never as sure that I will find the one on but my parents had more faith on this website so they insisted I be a paid member and take the benefits provided. My first membership expired without any luck to me and I lost interest but yet my parents wanted me to register again and keep looking, so I did. One fine day I got a request from Boney (now my husband) who was working in Japan but his home town was same as ours, so my parents and his decided to meet. That was just a start and we were asked to talk to each other before any step taken further. We first talked on 23 March 2012, and then there was no looking back. We knew from the very first call that we were meant to be; we talked on the phone, shared texts & exchanged emails for a month before he was to fly to India to meet me in person. The first meeting of ours was the day when our ?rokka? happened. And we tied the knot after 9 months of long courtship. The long distance wasn't as easy, it came with its own ups & downs but we both were holding on because we knew we had the real connection and couldn't afford to loose the friends that we were to each other. Many wonderful memories of all night long talking on the phone, arguments on the calls and chats, the moments of pleasing each other after any argument, sending flowers and yes I enjoyed the courtship like of some 80?s were I wrote him letters. Married him on 22 January 2013, and now I am in Japan. It feels my journey with him has just started. Just like some teenage romance he still takes me out on dates and I make him special dinners. Few Tips: Always have parents in consent while making any major decisions related to profiles. Always talk in advance with the other one in terms to what you expect from life like jobs, travelling, parenting... etc. Never be bias of anyone until you talk to them, because words don?t give much clear idea as talking in person. Choose a gap of few months before tying the knot, it gives you time to know each other better before the lifetime commitment. Many thanks to for bringing a platform were finding your match is not as difficult, its all kept private and the website is user friendly. Good luck to you for your search.