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Naveen & Jenny
04 January 2015
Well I sent her a request and after few days she accepted it. Her father posted the profile so he sent me an email saying to match the horoscope. The best part was, Jenny wasn't even aware of any of this and I was about to call her to introduce myself. We started talking from 3rd April 2014 and after a weeks time we started chatting We spoke for 5 hours the first time, which was unexpected. We clicked instantly and this trend carried on with many more Skype calls. Even though there is a 3 hours time difference (because she is from Bangkok) and she has a day job while I have night shifts, we managed our schedules accordingly to spend time with each other. There were times where we spoke till sunrise and loved it. We were similar in many ways and deep within I knew that she was the right woman for me. Within 3 weeks time I expressed my feelings for her. She was boarding the flight to Amritsar and I called her to tell her ‘Safe flight’ but while hanging up, I said, “Love you”. She replied, “Love you too” and for split seconds we both were not aware what just happened. Was this for real?? Did it really happen?? I didn’t plan on saying this but it just came naturally. We both were surprised that in such a shot span of time we came so close to each other. She met my family while she was in India and everything went well. Finally we decided to meet each other personally so I came to Bangkok on May 2014 for 2 days to meet her. It just felt right like we had known each other for ages. On the second day, I had dinner with her family and her parents asked me “So what have you thought about the relationship?” I said, “Yes! We both are comfortable with each other and would like to spend our lives together.” Then Jenny flew to Dubai to visit me for 4 days in July. One evening, we were sitting and chatting casually, when I sat up and took out the ring from my chain, that I had being wearing for 3 years around my neck, and said “I love you and I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Will you marry me?” She got very emotional and obviously said, “Yes, I will”. Again I didn’t plan this but it happened in the moment. On 16th November, our roka took place in Mumbai and we officially made the announcement to all our friends and family members. This was our story. I would like to thanks, where I found my true love. I never expected that I would find her from here, and that too from Bangkok.. :D Now all my friends ask me ‘How come from BKK, where, how, what happened ??’ Its fun to share my story with them. Wishing a very happy new year!! Thank You